At Pinestead, we want you to have the furniture that you want just for you, hence we are dedicated to creating the finest locally made furniture customized just for you. Whether it is the size, material, or finish, we will work with you from beginning to end, from drafting designs to personally checking in with the finishing workshop so that when you receive your furniture, it won't just be a new addition, it will already be a part of your home.


Attention to Details – Surface and Edge Treatments:


Live Edge: Live Edge or Natural Edge incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the piece. Originally a rustic style signature, the Live Edge has recently become popularized in many different styles of furniture, including Western and more modern styles.

Classical Edges: Pinestead offers a range of classical edges from straight edge to rod edge to beveled edges, etc., all of which are meticulously handmade by local carpenters who work with our designers to create the best quality Canadian-made solid wood furniture full of old world beauty and bucolic charm.

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