One of our more distinctive features is our finish. We have taken great care in developing a line of antique finishes. The uniqueness of these finishes comes from the layering process used to build the patina and authenticity of the look. Although these are certainly our most popular finishes, we also offer an unlimited palette of distressed and painted finishes, as well as stain & lacquer finishes.

NEW! In additional to our line of classical finishes, we also offer a line of water-based finish. Originally a European innovation, this environmentally-friendly finish is odourless, hypo-allergenic, and more durable.



While not indestructible, our finishes are resistant to water, alcohol, and most other common liquids. In caring for your furniture dusting and damp wiping is recommended. Most importantly, avoid the combination of heat and moisture, for example, a pizza box or hot, wet teapot.

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